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  • Laptop will be inspected after visiting at your home / office. After inspection, your issues will be updated in dashboard & also our executive will try to resolve issues on-site and inform you about laptop issues and its quote and once you approved then our technicians will fix your laptop issues. In case, if we need to pick up your laptop parts to solve your laptop issues then we will deliver it within 1-2 days after the parts is fixed.
  • Our company will provide 7 days warranty for software related issues and 30 days for hardware related issues or as per part used.
  • Genuine parts used by us and genuine software installed by us. If you wish to install any other software then mention it in dashboard or contact to your assigned technician.
  • In Windows Installation, if you wish to backup your data then contact to our assigned technician or mention it in dashboard.

Tech Malfunctions & Solution

  • Laptop Display Issues - Display issues is the common problem found in different types of laptop. The laptop turns on properly but has a distorted or garbled image on the screen. The laptop starts properly but after a while the screen light turns off. The image still appears on the screen but it is very dark. In some cases the screen light never starts and all you can see is a very faint image. Users must systematically follow laptop repair steps to detect the cause of the problem and repair it. Display issues contain no display, display is a little fuzzy, appears wavy. The problem is related to laptop display could be easily handled by our laptop repair services technicians.
  • Keyboard & Touchpad Issues - keyboard & touchpad are the principal input devices of a Laptop. Keyboard and touchpad helps the user to communicate with the laptop. But sometime laptop displays keyboard error, keyboard does not operate properly. This type of errors mostly occurs due to improper handling of laptop. Otherwise, keyboard and touchpad is largely a trouble free device if handled properly. Customer entire keyboard might stop functioning or if lucky, just a few keys. In the case of the some keys not working. Our FixHere repair services technician team also fixed this type of issues.
  • Laptop Data Recovery - When laptop is infected with virus or the performance of the laptop is very slow then it is recommended to do the formatting. Sometimes a bad sector is developed to hard disk drive because of several reasons. Unfortunately, in this process your all hard disk data could be permanently deleted. But don't worry, just register with us and our technician will easily restore your laptop hard disk data.
  • Laptop Hardware Issues - The laptop does not turn on at all, despite the effort. There are several possible reasons that may lead to this outcome. The first and least incident one includes the battery draining completely because of a malfunctioning AC adapter. Maybe the DC jack has to be replaced because it makes no contact with the motherboard. The worst is the one with the failed motherboard. The general problems that arises from overheating, memory issues and slow processing and also there are various problems in laptop hardware issues that need to be improved on time. Our expert pc laptop repair technicians find issues related to your laptop quickly and repair it efficiently
  • Laptop Windows & Software Installation - People and business keep on upgrading to the latest operating system for a fast working environment and also want to solve there problems related to laptop windows. Our FixHere laptop repair technician team will install any edition of windows as per your requirement and also format your laptop to repair your windows. We will also install antivirus to risk free your laptop by viruses.
  • Laptop Power Issues - Laptop power problems are not uncommon, but it may not be obvious whether it's the battery or the mains adapter or the laptop itself to blame. A faulty power supply is a common problem with laptops. Our first aim is try and determine which, if either, is at fault. Most if not all laptops will run happily with no battery, so long as they are plugged into the mains. Remove the battery and see if the laptop will run just on the mains adapter. If so, the battery is almost certainly dead or dying. Power supply units supplies power to different system components such as the motherboard and device drivers. When you switch on the system and it does start due to power supply unit. Same issues also contain into the computer repair. The power supply may not switch on and the system may not respond, don't worry, FixHere laptop service team are ready to help you.


Repairs services Price
Display Issues 1199
KeyBoard & TouchPad Issues 249
Data Recovery & Backup 1199
Hardware Issues 1299
Windows & Software Installation 599
Power Issues 599
Other Issues 499


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a laptop repair take?

Depending upon the nature of the laptop repair, We will take 1-2 working days for hardware related issues or depend on your laptop issues and will delivered the laptop to you in a day for problems related to the software..

How much your repair charges?

We charge Rs. 199/- as a service charges and other repair charges will be depends on your laptop issues(except only windows & software installation issue).Service charges which is adjustable in total bill. We don’t charge any surprise estimations; we want you to know exactly what your repair will cost before complete the work..

Does it matter how old my laptop is?

We can repair most laptops of any age, but sometimes this is not the case if we cannot find replacement parts or supported software.

Will I know what it will cost to repair laptop before you start work on it?

Yes, you will know all costs, including GST, before we do anything. There are no surprises and no hidden charges. We will also update your laptop issues and its cost on dashboard..

What if I want to check my laptop from your technicians but don’t want to repair?

If the laptop was just checked by us and do not want to repair, you must to pay a service charge of Rs. 199 to us..

Is the data of on my laptop safe with you?

We never remove or otherwise touch your data apart for backup purposes (which we’ll always go over with you first. We take data security very seriously and never share with anyone..

I have got a question that is not answered here?

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