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  • Computer will be inspected after visiting at your home / office. After inspection, your issues will be updated in dashboard & also our executive will try to resolve issues on-site and inform you about computer issues and its quote and once you approved then our technicians will fix your computer issues. In case, if we need to pick up your computer parts to solve your computer issues then we will deliver it within 1-2 days after the parts is fixed.
  • Our company will provide 7 days warranty for software related issues and 30 days for hardware related issues or as per part used.
  • Genuine parts used by us and genuine software installed by us. If you wish to install any other software then mention it in dashboard or contact to your assigned technician.
  • In Windows Installation, if you wish to backup your data then contact to our assigned technician or mention it in dashboard.

Tech Malfunctions & Solution

  • Computer Hardware Repairing - The general problems that arises from overheating, memory issues and slow processing and also there are various problems in computer hardware issues that need to be improved on time. A heating pc slows down the system and leads to frequent crashes and also system components may also get permanently damaged due to constant exposure to heat. There are two main reasons computer heats up, that is either the cooling system isn’t working properly or the cooling system can’t handle it anymore. No need to worry, our Fixhere expert technicians can find issues related to your computer parts and repairs it quickly.
  • Computer Windows Installation - If desktop only shows name and then crashes right before it was supposed to load the operating system, then it is a problem with RAM or hard disk. As the windows operating system is unable to load, then either the RAM is corrupted and can’t hold the boot loader or the hard drive is damaged and can’t load data inside it. People and business keep on upgrading to the latest operating system for a fast working environment and also want to solve issues related to computer windows. Our FixHere computer repair technician team will install any edition of windows as per your requirement and also format your computer to repair your windows. We also install antivirus to save your valuable computer files by viruses.
  • Data Recovery - The risk of losing data is deleting files or parts of texts without having any backups available. Updating files or deleting them are very common activities and use do them almost every day. If delete wrong files or overwrite the parts users did not intend. Customers often lose data simply because do not have proper workflow procedures and backup strategies. There are numerous new viruses which attack computers every day. Damages may differ greatly but the majority of viruses affects software, misuses Internet connection and damages stored data. There are many different types of viruses and, often, data loss is just a side effect of some larger damage done to your system. When computer is infected with virus or the performance of the computer is very slow then it is strongly recommended to do the formatting. Sometimes a bad sector is developed to hard disk drive because of several reasons. In this process your all hard disk data could be permanently deleted. But don't worry, just register with us and our technician will easily restore your hard disk data.
  • Power Issues - Power supply units supplies power to different system components such as the motherboard and device drivers. When you switch on the system and it does start due to power supply unit. If your PC is not powering on at all – not even a single light in it, then it must be a problem with the power source. In this case, FixHere technician team can easily detect this issues and repair it instantly.
  • Computer Display Issues – Computer monitor is one of the output devices. It provides visual feedback of the processes happening with the system. It is recommended to clean the monitor for better performance. If the display picture does not appear or horizontal blue line show on the monitor, the issue related to your display. The dreaded Blue Screen of Death can occur due to both software and hardware issues, but usually, it is a hardware issues. Whatever the cause, Blue Screen of Death requires immediate attention as it is a sign of a big problem. If your monitor is not showing anything, then this could be a problem with the monitor or the graphics card. If you persist any problem related to computer display, feel free to register with us.
  • FixHere team is always ready to help you to repair your computer related issues. Computer services is the main aim of us and it is our goal to provide wide range of best repair service in mumbai. we believe in that you are completely satisfied with our tech customer service.


Repairs services Price
Hardware Issues 799
Windows & Software Installation 599
Data Recovery & Backup 1199
Power Issues 249
Display Issues 799
Other Issues 199


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a computer repair take?

Depending upon the nature of the computer repair, We will take 1-2 working days for hardware related issues or depend on your computer issues and will delivered the computer to you in a day for problems related to the software..

How much your computer repair charges?

We charge Rs. 199/- as a service charges and other repair charges will be depends on your computer issues(except only windows & software installation issue).Service charges which is adjustable in total bill. We don’t charge any surprise estimations; we want you to know exactly what your repair will cost before complete the work..

Does it matter how old my computer is?

We can repair most computers of any age, but sometimes this is not the case if we cannot find replacement parts or supported software.

Will I know what it will cost to repair computer before you start work on it?

Yes, you will know all costs, including GST, before we do anything. There are no surprises and no hidden charges. We will also update your computer issues and its cost on dashboard..

What if I want to check my laptop from your technicians but don’t want to repair?

If the computer was just checked by us and do not want to repair, you must to pay a service charge of Rs. 199 to us..

Is the data of on my computer safe with you?

We never remove or otherwise touch your data apart for backup purposes (which we’ll always go over with you first. We take data security very seriously and never share with anyone..

I have got a question that is not answered here?

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